Baldi vs Granny


Do you like horror games? This Granny is a hard nut to crack, and would be stronger than she? She is totally blind, but she can hear every sound. You find yourself in her home, and she isn’t happy about anyone, visiting her apartment. There are two storeys and a basement, which you have to explore in order to survive. There are certain items you have to find to get out, and they are lying in unexpected places. When you start this story for the next time, they will change their location, and you will never know where to find the instrument you need at the moment. The only advice: you can carry only one tool at time, and you should be very selective. This means that if you don’t need the certain object, just don’t pick it up. Otherwise, if you decide to take the other item, you will drop the one that is in your hands, it will make a loud noise. Then Granny will hear you and come to haunt you. In the extreme mode she moves faster, than you, so you need to take this into consideration. And if we add creaky floor, this will work against you as well. The recent update added a yard, but it doesn’t mean that you are safe in it as well. Get ready to be trapped by Baldi, and even die, if you are careless, but still you will have fun anyway.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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