Grandpa The Horror Game


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘granny’? Warm milk, cozy blanket, kind smile on a wrinkled face? Forget about that! This Grandpa won’t treat you with your favorite cake. Its a new Granny Horror! He won’t surround you with care and love and won’t give any advice you didn’t ask for. He won’t even criticize you for doing everything wrong. His only wish is to see you… dead. This man is out of her mind. He locked you upstairs and gave you five days to make your way out of here. And although it seems to take just one turn of the bedroom door handle and a couple of minutes walking down the stairs towards the front door, the rules of the game are much trickier.

First of all, the front door is safely barred and locked. If you step any close, the alarm will go off alerting Grandpa to your intentions. Before you can approach it, you need to find a whole set of items that will help you overcome all means of protection used by the evil old lady. For second, Grandpa won’t let you walk around his house unhindered. He’ll be listening to your every step. So move as quiet as you can. And don’t drop anything on the floor! If Grandpa hears you, he’ll find you in no time. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to hide under the bed or in the wardrobe! Grandpa also remembers where he heard or saw you and sets bear traps there, just in case. Don’t let him drive you into the corner or she’ll knock you out and you’ll have to start all over again! Remember, you only have five attempts. Escape the house before your time is up!


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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