Granny 3


This horror game will keep you in tension from the very first minutes! You’ll wake up in a house of an old lady who desperately wants to kill you. You’ll have just five days to get out otherwise you’ll be as good as dead! Explore the building in search of useful items, open the doors and find a way out of this hell!

You are in danger!

Granny wasn’t always like that. She used to be a sweet woman once, with a family and a happy life. However, she was followed by a series of mishaps, and has eventually lost her mind. After she lost her husband, son and granddaughter, she turned into a bloodthirsty serial killer luring people into her hut in the woods and dealing with them in the most cruel way. Judging from the bones in the basement, she is also no stranger to man-eating. And it’s definitely not the way you want to end your life!

So you have to look for an exit from this sordid place as fast as you can. You’ll wake up in the attic and will have to start from there. Gradually, bit by bit, you’ll need to explore the whole house looking for any clues as to how you can get out. You’l find notes by the previous victim that will tell you where to discover some much-needed stuff. Then you can use these tools and objects to perform a series of actions that will eventually set you free. Are you ready to put your courage and ingenuity to the test? Then let’s start playing Granny 3!

Search, hide and escape!

Your main goal is to open the front door that is barred and locked. To get past it, you need to discover the key and remove all the boards. In some difficulty modes, there is also an alarm set on the door. Not that Granny is very sensitive to sounds – she can hear literally everything that is going on in her house. So the smallest noise you make will alert her to where you are. It won’t be long until she appears near you swishing her bate, so if you just dropped something, make sure to hide as soon as possible! If Granny finds you, she’ll remember where you hid and will look there next time. So you have to be resourceful and come up with a new solution with every failed attempt. Do you think you will manage to save your life from the clutches of this insane maniac? There is just one way to find that out – play Granny 3 online right now!


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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