Granny Android


What can scare you to death? The horror game Granny gives you an opportunity to petrify yourself, and you can do it a couple of ways. Firstly, this is the creepy atmosphere of the house. Strange sounds, which make hairs on your skin rise, and old woman, who definitely wants to kill you. She can’t see anything, but she will hear your every step, and this is why you should avoid creaky floor and various objects, which may break or fall with an awful noise. In case she hears you, you should hide somewhere, like under bed or in the wardrobe. You have five days to complete your mission and get out from this building, and in the easy and normal mode you have an opportunity to get a bonus day, if you complete a task with a picture.

The main point in the game is in searching various objects, which you may use for your benefit. The main door is locked, but not only this door and you should enter every room and search it carefully. You will see varicolored keys, and you need to figure out what they open. The main door has also got an alarm, so you need to figure out the way to cope with it. The objects constantly change their places, when you restart the game, so you won’t have a ready solution for the next time. Het out from this scary house, and come back for a mode difficult mode there!


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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