Granny Chapter Two


Some games never make us bored. We can play them again and again, open the same title once more and immerse ourselves in the well-constructed digital world. Each time we find something we have been looking for – some of us find the implementations of our dreams about the interesting and heroic life, the others find an opportunity to have an escapist rest. Still others are real gourmands – they search for some sharp emotions and thrill. The last ones are usually fans of the horror genre. They look for something that will keep them alarmed. If you are the representative of this type of gamers, we are glad to inform you that we have something special here.

Being a horror fan, you must be familiar with the genre that includes both survival and escape. Such games put you in the conditions you need to overcome. As a rule, you have limited time to do so and if you fail to manage that, you will die. Also, the problem is that you usually cannot do anything about your condition and you have no chance to start a fight with an enemy. It is almost almighty – he knows where you are and all you can do is avoid attracting any attention. This is just the case with Granny. She is an old lady who is insane and you have to share a mansion with her the next five days. Granny Chapte 2 seems to be very aggressive towards other people. She has locked you inside of her house, but it seems like she is not so happy that you are here. On the one hand, she keeps you inside, on the other – she will kill you the moment you become hearable and visible to her. Do everything you can to avoid her coming, find the key, find the exit and leave the place you are stuck in. We hope that you will stand the jumpscares because the offered game is packed with them. Do your best to stay alive and don’t let Granny find you and kill you.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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