Granny Minecraft


Do you like escapist games? If you want to play a game, full of fears and scary sounds, then you should check the impossibly terrifying Granny in Minecraft. This elderly woman is awful; she has probably lost her mind. While all the grannies in the world take care about stockings for their grandchildren, this woman wants to kill anyone, who enters her house. It is very gloomy; all walls are painted in grey. Can you imagine a person, who wants to come in? Well, it’s you, but right after entering you want to exit the house, and this is very difficult. You need to find the main door and open it, but you can do it only after you explore every room of this uncomfortable place. Are you ready to do this?

You can see four modes in the game, and developers probably won’t stop at this point. They are constantly adding something, and their extreme mode is one of the most recent updates. In the easy mode the granny is too slow, but if you choose more difficult mode, she will move quicker, and in the extreme mode she will run even quicker than you. What should you do to avoid terrible fight with her? Well, she is very sensitive to noises, and if she hears anything, she rushes towards you and finish you. Nobody wants it, right? The easiest way to do this is not put anything on the floor, because the sound would be impressive. But you can’t avoid it in the mode with creaky floor: in this case Granny will hear you anyway.

While searching the sacred door you have to enter numerous other doors. If you see that this door doesn’t give you an exit, don’t be in a hurry to shut it. The room may contain useful tools, like instruments and keys. You can’t hold too many objects in your hands, so don’t pick something you don’t need at the moment. If you see something that is more necessary than something you are holding, you have to drop and pick up what you need. So, the victory is literary in your hands. The recent update gives you plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, and you need to follow the voice of your intuition and find the desired exit.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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