Granny Roblox


If you like Roblox world, then you will definitely like a story about the crazy grandmother, which wants to kill you. This horror game is created in a typical roblox style, and you will appreciate it very much. The graphics stays unchanged, and it doesn’t seem to be scary at all, but it’s only the first thought. You are the angry grandma’s guest, but she doesn’t seem to be too friendly. She will turn your life into nightmare, and if you don’t find the way out from this terrible place, everything may be really, really bad. So, why don’t you test your courage and see how you can survive in Roblox Escape Grandma’s House Obby?

The cartoonish guy is trapped in Grandma’s house, and he tries to fight his way out with a radiant smile on his face. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, and what about you? The first funny thing you notice is the ability of walking through the doors, and this can make you smile. You will face numerous obstacles, and some of them can be really difficult to overcome. The rooms are almost empty, so you will easily find a necessary solution. There are several locations, which you need to explore, and every location will bring you something peculiar.

There are other children except you. Who are they? Do they live there or they are captured by the granny as well? You have to learn all this stuff in the process of playing. There are certain points in every room, and you should step on them to save your progress. There are a lot of tricky obstacles, and if you make a wrong step, you may die. This is very hilarious, because your character gets dismembered in a very funny way. Your Granny loves cooking and knitting, and the majority of traps are connected with these her hobbies. There is a guy, who will help you to orient in the house and inform you about possible traps, you should only listen carefully to his advices. So, start the game, get ready to die a couple of times and complete mission whatever it takes.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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