Granny for PC


Granny is the indie horror game, where you are trapped in a gloomy house, and don’t seem to find the quick escape. This house belongs to one elderly woman, which is completely blind. Though she can’t see you, it doesn’t mean she can’t hurt you. She orients on the territory with the help of hearing, and your every sound will be traced by her ears. She gives you five days to complete your serious mission, and if you fail to do this, she will eventually find you and finish you. Of course, no one wants to die in this way and in such place, so you should get out as soon as possible. You need to choose the mode firstly, and they will differ in Granny’s speed and add difficulty by putting creaky floor and other traps, so think carefully about your abilities and choose the mode, which will definitely help you to win.

There are two floors and a basement, which you need to explore. Almost in every room there are hidden tools, which will help you to find the keys to the main door and turn off the electric alarm. When you start a new game, no matter what difficulty you choose, those objects will change their places, and you will never know where they are hidden this time. You can carry only one tool at time, so think carefully which one you definitely need. If you grab something, which can’t be used at the moment, you need to put it down, and this will cause noise, and Granny will know where to find you. The game is filled with dark colors and gloomy sounds, so pull yourself together, if you don’t want to be scared to death.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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