Horror Escape


It’s not a secret that many old people are not quite right in the head. Some of them forget what they were just told, some grump over everything and snap at everyone for no reason, some start talking to themselves. This is nothing to be afraid of, though. Unlike our Granny… Her senile psyche took an unexpected twist. She acquired a rather disturbing hobby – locking people in her house and hunting them down with a baseball bate. Don’t be deceived by her feeble look, Granny is very fast and very alert. She hears every sound you make. One careless move, one little noise – and she’ll come running towards you swishing her grim weapon (which he has no trouble wielding with her skinny hands). Don’t get caught and find a way out of the terrible house in just five days! Explore every room and find the items you need to unlock the front door. You’re going to solve many puzzles and successfully avoid traps cunningly set by Granny on staircases and in the hall. Freedom is near!


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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