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Are you ready to challenge yourself with a new horror game, called Granny? Then you should know what you should get ready to before setting into an unknown journey. First of all you need to know that this game contain scenes of violence, and it may hurt small kids. If you are ok with that, so take the challenge and see what Granny has for you. The elderly woman looks totally unattractive, but this is only the beginning. The sounds in the game are petrifying, and this can scare you from the very start. The game is executed in a peculiar style, which is very gloomy and has no optimism in it.  Your main goal is to find the desired exit, and this can be really difficult, but with hack and cheats its will be possible.

There are a couple of things you need to know. Firstly, awful sounds are created to scare you, but Granny doesn’t pay attention to them. Though, she hears every sound, which you make, trying to escape this terrible house. And when she hears you, it’s easy for her to locate the victim, which is you. She is blind, so hearing is her only guide in searching of prey. The other thing is that you need to open every door to find the one, which will lead you out. You will need various tools to do this, and they are hidden all over the house.

Search for keys and useful instruments everywhere, because they are not lying on the open space. There are four modes in the game, and you can choose any difficulty you like. The main difference in modes is the speed of the character’s enemy. In the easy mode she is very slow, and in the extreme mode she is faster than you, so you need to make zero mistakes, otherwise you will be beaten heavily. This game is very scary, but you can find small portions of black humor in it, and you will definitely like its creepy and scary style.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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