Hard Mode


Horror games are very appealing for people, because they can face certain problems, fight with shadows and ghosts, and at the same time be completely safe. Here you are able to find the way out from the terrifying house, and do it for a limited period of time. There are five days at your disposal, and you can get an extra day for completing a task with pieces of Granny’s portrait. There are four modes in the game, and you can choose the difficulty, which corresponds your mood of today. By the way, some gamers report that they completed this game for only one day, but you need to be really skillful to do this. So, don’t be upset, if you fail to beat this record.

The main difficulty in modes is in the fact that Granny start moving faster, and it would be really difficult to avoid her. You can hide in different places, which may contain a person, like beds or wardrobes, and she won’t be searching for you there. What is the most striking, the elderly woman is blind, and she relies on her hearing. If you make a slightest noise, she will know where to find you, so be very cautious.  If you find a Teddy Bear, you will meet another inhabitant of this house, and this little girl will make you shiver as well. Surviving in this game isn’t so easy, but you can complete this mission, if you just try to do it.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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