Granny Update


Granny is a horror game, which you have been dreaming of, and you will understand this the very moment you load the game. This game is frequently updated, and developers let you explore new locations and objects, interact with them and see what this may lead you to. But, let’s start from the very beginning. You are a poor guy, who is trapped in a very creepy house. Everything is gray, and this is totally sad view. You need to find the way out from this house, but you can’t do it so easily. The problem is that this house belongs to one elderly woman, who is a bit crazy. She is obsessed with quietness, and if you make a slightest noise, she wills show a huge desire to kill you.

Previously, there were only two modes: easy and normal. The easy mode makes Granny too slow to hurt you, but still you need to move fast, because she may get you even if her slow pace. The normal mode is for those, who know how to play such games, but still isn’t too complicated. You can stroll in this house for five days, and these two modes allow you to get an additional day, if you find all the pieces of a Granny’s picture and put all pieces together. Thanks to this you can get an extra day, but this option works only for these two modes.

In hard mode Granny runs as fast as you, and in this way makes the game more complicated. And extreme mode is almost impossible to handle, because Grandma’s running faster than you, and there are extra lock on the door, which hides the exit. There are various tools, which you might need to get out the house, and make sure you need them right now. Otherwise you will drop it, and it will make noise, which will attract your enemy. Those objects are everywhere in the house, and you need to look carefully to find them. If you find Teddy Bear, then you are lucky enough to get acquainted with Slenderina and know what secrets she is hiding. There are numerous locations, and some of them are not in the house. You may go to the yard, and in this case you will be still imprisoned. Choose your favorite mod and start playing, discovering all locations and finding the escape from the terrible house.


  • Look, Go
  • Click on, hit

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